The Olympia Bob Run team is working at full speed to prepare for the coming season. The opening is planned for Monday, 23 December 2024 at 10 a.m. in the start area. Everyone is cordially invited to this event. Admission is free. The 2024/25 season will end on Saturday, 8 March 2025 with Dumeng Stuppan's Polenta Race.

The exceptionally warm temperatures of the past few days have taken their toll on the Olympia Bob Run, the only natural ice bobsleigh track in the world. The track and tower teams fought together to keep things running, but unfortunately nature had the edge in this race.

The Master World Trophy was to take place for the first time this year and was planned as an open 2-run race for all age groups. The focus was to be on getting together, enjoying the sport and socializing. Many teams, athletes and squads from various nations were registered. In view of the weather forecast and the fact that the Olympia Bob Run was not open, some teams/athletes understandably decided not to travel.